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Welcome and thank you for visiting the Sungkwang website.
Sungkwang Co., Ltd. has been leading the 21st century automated system for livestock.
Since Sungkwang was established in 1976, we have been with the livestock farms for the past 35 years.
We have been leading the markets of automated feeding, water supply and ventilation systems for the farms and developing environment friendly cattle breeding systems to meet with new environments and the requirements of the farmers to be the most reliable partners of livestock farming families and farmland communities.
We have been building our reputations both at home and abroad as a specialist of developing automated systems for raising livestock and lots of material and equipment developed by our own research institute have been patented. Our ceaseless research and development are supported by our long field experiences.
Sungkwang Co., Ltd., an everlasting partner of the farming families, expands its world market share in the areas of automated feeding, water supplying, ventilation system for the cattle.
Sungkwang Co., Ltd. will represent the Korean brands in the above mentioned areas thanks to its technology accumulated for the past 35 years and perfect analysis on the features of each cattle breeding stage to render the best services to the clients. Furthermore, we will make contributions to improving the productivity of the livestock farming families as the world’s top brand. Stabilized productivity and quality based upon environment friendly farming is The thing what are pursuing.
We will reward our clients by the best quality products and services for the everlasting affection and interest of our clients.
In addition, we will spare no efforts for continuing research and development to make the world best automated system for raising the cattle.
Sungkwang is the most reliable partner of the farmers producing the right and fresh food stuff with high quality.

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