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  • Spheric type.
  • A method of opening and closing shutter using specially coated wires.
  • Even though installed at a higher place, opening/closing is possible by adjusting the length with the specially coated wires.
  • There is no stagnation or clogging of minute feed trickles, and fit various sizes of pipes.
  • Available for an easier adjustment of feed quantity using the inside and out side of sleeve device.
MODEL 48m/m 60m/m 63m/m
Round T sleeve set SKP-8700 SKP-0700 SKP-3700

Y type sleeve set

  • Y type
  • Minimized problems on conveying feed of flakes and pallet.
  • Minimized phenomenon of feed clogging.
MODEL 63m/m Auger
Y type SKP-5121