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  • Ball nipples are used for broilers and breeders at floor type poultry houses and for layers at cage type poultry house.
  • With a precise processing of parts, there is no leakage of water at all, not even a drop, with an accurate release of water only when they are touched.
  • It provides efficient watering throughout all the ages of chickens from day-old chick to mature layers and broilers.
  • It keeps chicks free from cross infections of poultry disease through good ventilation. The Ball nipples provide the poultry houses and chickens with a hygienic environment with no need to use the water cups or buckets. When installed inside the cages for a cage feeding system, it is ease and convenient to maintain them at the farms.

Ball Nipples

Double hanger

Nipple water cup

Between check valve

SKN-6000 Filter board A type
SKN-6510 Filter set
SKN-6540 Medicator

SKN-6200 Filter board B type / Filter dispense set(4 line and 5 line)