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Feature of Type A Cages

Feature of Vertical Cages


  • Preventing loss and spoiling of the feeds with special design of AL Separate type. (Feeder line length pervunit 5M)
  • With oval pipes and corners, there is no overload with a smooth operation, and there is no noise while operating.
  • Feed quantities are automatically controlled by specially designed hoppers. By providing feed several times, it enhances feed tastes, and keeps the same egg laying efficiency from the starting section to the ending point along the cage feeders.
  • Efficient raising using this system provides for the balanced growth of all day-old chicks.
  • Ventilation and maintenance are ease and convenient with no need for water buckets when using SungKwang ball nipples for the cage feeding system. The feeders and parts do not corrode or clog up with dust, due to a lock of water leakage.
  • With the factory automation for manufacturing, reasonable prices can be provides to all the customers.

Cage System 3-steps

Cage System 4-steps

Nipple drinkers(Red)

Pressure Regulator

SKN-2100 / 2102
Floor end cage

Feed channel

Nipple quide for cage

SKN-3310 Square & Square pipe couplings
SKN-3320 Square & Round pipe couplings
SKN-3330 Spring band