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It provides an easier pig management by measuring feel quantity as per the growth level of pigs.
(For example, Sow house pregnant sow management, far rowing house, weaning house)
  • Available for individual sow feeding with exact feed quantity.
  • Available for an easier individual pig management in the front side of piggeries.
  • A hygienic design structure prevents flies, mosquitos and worms from entering into the dispensers and minimizes cross-infections of diseases arising out of the feeding operations.
  • The inside and bottom part of the dispensers are dual-processed to prevent water from being rotten due to moisture and to prevent feed from being hardened.
  • As the feed quantity of the first and the last dispenser is the same in a vertical dosing concept when conveying feed, it provides an exact feed quantity and efficient feed quantity control.
  • With a special design and automatic tension control device in the drive units, an error from potential slight slack of disc wires is automatically solved.
  • With a simultaneous release of quantified feed to all the throughs for sows, animal stress from aggression can be minimized, and economic life of sows can be prolonged. This system is good for increasing pig weight and birth of healthy and equal pigs.
  • It shortens the feeding time with an efficient conveying system, which conveys a large volume of feed in a short period of time.
  • All the parts can be easily assembled on location.


  • Capacity : Approx 3kg, Approx 5.8kg
  • A special design concept is incorporated in the weight shape for a complete emptying of feed into the troughs from the dispensers, and there is no overload on the weight lever arising from the feed weight.
  • Convenient easy to assemble and disassemble, so the metering barrel A/S.
MODEL 42m/m 48m/m 60m/m 63m/m
Dispenser (with a weight) SKP-2100 SKP-8100 SKP-0100 SKP-3100
Dispenser B (with a weight) SKP-2150 SKP-8150 SKP-0150 SKP-3150
Limited Dispenser (with a weight) SKR-2330 SKR-8330 SKR-0330 SKR-3330
Limited Dispenser B (with a weight) SKR-2331 SKR-8331 SKR-0331 SKR-3331