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FAN Ventilation Systems(36inch, 48inch)


48”FAN Sutter Type


36”FAN Sutter Type

Code no. SIZE / MODEL
SKF-6100 36” FAN (Single-phase Sutter type)
SKF-6200 36” FAN (Three-phase Sutter type)
SKF-8100 48” FAN (Single-phase Sutter type)
SKF-8200 48” FAN (Three-phase Sutter type)
SKF-6110 36” FAN (Sutter set)
SKF-8550 48” FAN (Sutter set)


  • 36˝ ventilator for air outlet and mid-grown livestock
  • 36” FAN : 1100*1100*450
  • 48˝ ventilator for air outlet and mid-grown livestock
  • 48” FAN : 1380*1380*450
  • Available for the highest wind capacity and velocity among the same sized ventilators.
  • Shutter and protective net prevent the outside air from entering into the houses.
  • Easy to control air levels by adjusting the fan angles.
  • Minimized noise and back draft levels with engineered design concept.
  • With P/E plastic materials, parts are corrosion-proof against gases without deformation.